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Types of caravans

Semitrailer – is a towed non-self-propelled vehicle, the front of which rests on the fifth wheel of the tractor, and the rear on one, two or more wheel axles. In some semitrailers, for the convenience of maneuvering, there is an own steering axle that works mirror-like from the steering axis of the tractor. This allows you to increase the overall maneuverability of the cargo hitch in tight places. The following characteristics are common for a semitrailer: its carrying capacity, weight, number of axles, cargo area, and the materials from which it is made.

Types of semi-trailers


Designed for transportation (often with heating), storage, and partial / full dispensing / unloading of liquid substances / goods. Sometimes, at the request of the client, isothermal tankers are made. For the manufacture of tankers, steel is used that does not react with the transported cargo (low alloy, black carbon, stainless). Different tankers have different design features to meet international requirements, for example, ADR (Declaration on the Transport of Dangerous Goods).

Types of caravans
Flatbed trailer

Used to deliver goods loaded only vertically. Goods that do not have special weather and safety requirements. There is a variant with folding sides for easy unloading. There are options with a preloaded small cargo crane.


They are «wagons». They are a platform with a stretched synthetic canopy stretched over a collapsible frame. Depending on how much the frame can be dismantled, the truck may be with side loading. As a variety – a trailer curtain. Has a metal movable frame.


Semi-trailer for the transport of goods requiring special thermal conditions. They have on board their ref.installation, which is powered by a tractor. Sometimes such a trailer can be equipped with its own generator to power the ref.installation. As a variety – a thermal trailer (thermos, Isothermal semi-trailer). That is the same refrigerator, but without ref.installation. It maintains the temperature of the cargo, but cannot influence it in any way.

Refrigerated trailer
Container truck trailer
Container ship

A semitrailer with a supporting frame reinforced in certain places. Part of the reinforced beams of the frame has fittings for fixing the containers. Some container semi-trailers can slide to transport a twenty-foot container and slide apart to transport a forty-foot or pair of twenty.

Semi-trailers made in the form of all-metal vans. They have a rigid body that protects the cargo placed in the cargo compartment from external influences.

Jumbo – The increased semi-trailer. It is made in the form of an integral body or a tented platform.

Car transporters
The semi-trailer car carrier is used for transportation of cars (cars, light trucks).
Grain trucks
Flatbed semi-trailers for grain transportation. They have sides that can in some cases open from the bottom edge.
It is a frame with vertical cone-shaped containers, used for loading, mixing cargo during transportation and unloading.
Cab carriers
Designed for moving mobile homes, cabins, monolithic blocks-rooms, various concrete products (columns, piles, parts of coastal fortifications, slabs).
Timber trucks trailer
Timber trucks
Timber semi-trailers are used for transportation of wood logs of different lengths.
Furniture carriers
specialized semi-trailer (sometimes – a van) for the careful transportation of furniture.
Garbage trucks
They can be either separate vehicles or semi-trailers equipped with a household garbage pressing system.
Panel carriers
Used for transportation of building panels and large concrete products.
Equipped with a hydraulic system for tipping the body and dumping bulk cargo.
Used to transport livestock. The housing is specially designed to circulate the required amount of air. I can be equipped with a heating system, drinking bowls.
Pipe Trucks
Semitrailers equipped with special grippers (fixtures) for transporting pipes.
Heavy trucks trailers trailer
Heavy Trucks / Trawls
used for the delivery of mainly tracked vehicles and heavy structures / assemblies.
Bitumen trucks
represent a tank equipped with heating systems and special pumps for transporting viscous cargo.
Gas carriers
Thermally insulated cargo tanks equipped with instrumentation and pipelines for discharge, refueling liquefied gases.
Cement trucks
are intended for transportation of bulk chemical building materials (cement, sand, building mixtures). They are made in the form of cylindrical steel tanks mounted on a frame with an angle of inclination to facilitate the unloading process.
Flour trucks
Intended for transportation of non-paid flour. They consist of several tanks with separate cargo hatches with special compressors for unloading cargo.
Cement truck trailer


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