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Warehousing Services

Well-organized warehouse logistics processes – are the key to success for both enterprises producing their own products and companies involved in reselling goods. The company will need to make significant financial investments in the arrangement of premises, the purchase of special equipment, and the hiring of personnel in order to independently:

  • organize storage of products with strict observance of storage conditions;
  • protect cargo from damage and theft;
  • to achieve prompt loading and unloading.

It is much more convenient to contact a long-established logistics company in the market, which is able to offer both safe, high-quality and inexpensive storage services in Novorossiysk.

Warehousing Services

Why is it worth cooperating with us?

Our company has its own storage facilities, fulfills all the requirements for storage and processing of goods presented by customers, and provides a high level of security. It’s easy for us to choose the optimal area in order to properly position the products and not «pay for air». We offer:

  1. Responsible custody services. When concluding a contract of custody, we take responsibility for the integrity and safety of goods.
  2. Organization of loading and unloading operations of any complexity. Experienced workers, manually or mechanically, carefully and accurately unload and load products.
  3. Carrying out warehouse operations on sorting, weighing, refilling, packaging, palletizing, crates, labeling of goods, collecting orders.
  4. Assistance in the preparation of accompanying documentation for the goods.

The presence of its own warehouse allows the company to provide comprehensive logistics services at competitive rates, to ensure promptness, safety, and ease of transportation. Contact if you want to solve all the problems associated with the careful and safe storage of goods without overpaying. Cooperating with us, your company will receive at a reasonable price a full range of services for warehousing and cargo handling.


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