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Seas and oceans wash planet earth by 70%. It is because of this that the international sea transportation of goods is very in demand around the world. One of the main advantages of choosing a sea mode of transport includes a large carrying capacity and low cost (in comparison with other modes of transport). In addition, the transportation route is always formed according to the most optimal schemes, as there is no special infrastructure for water transport.

Over a long time working in the market of forwarding services, «Zentrans» managed to establish itself as a reliable partner in working with major sea lines, including MSC, Arkas, Maersk, Zim. This advantage allows us to significantly reduce the time and cost of container delivery.


In addition, since 2015, our company has been a member of the FIATA international freight forwarders association. Members of this organization have the right to issue home bills of lading, warehouse receipts, forwarder orders on letterheads of FIATA. These documents have high legal force in the international forwarding system.

Feature of sea freight

Zentrans company provides an extensive range of services for the organization of shipping through the port of Novorossiysk:

  • Making booking for a vessel, organization of issuing an empty container for filling;
  • Preparation, verification of documents for export, import, preparation of a transit declaration;
  • Cargo delivery from the factory to the port;
  • Registration of the certificate of weighing VGM;
  • Full control and tracking of the movement of the container from the moment of issuing empty until the moment of arrival at the port;
  • Delivery of an empty container according to the line instructions;

The cost of transportation is calculated based on the list of selected services.


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