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Trucking service

Road transport is the best way to transport goods because of:

  • efficiency, flexibility, maneuverability. Rail, sea, air transport leaves according to the schedule, and the truck can leave immediately on the day of the order and reach both the most remote settlements and the center of large cities with heavy traffic. In case of unforeseen situations, it is always possible to quickly react and change the route in order to go around a difficult section, take a partial load;
  • universality. Due to the variety of vehicles it is easy to transport any tonnage of cargo of various types;
  • «door-to-door» delivery options. Such a transportation scheme significantly reduces the cost of loading and unloading and temporary storage of goods, minimizes the risk of damage or loss of goods, eliminates the need for expensive packaging.
Trucking service

Benefits of cooperation with our transport company

The staff of our company has been working for many years with qualified logisticians, experienced drivers, responsible forwarders. We:

  1. We have our own fleet of vehicles of various tonnage and transport various types of cargo, including bulky equipment and heavy items.
  2. We transport goods in Novorossiysk, in all Russian and foreign directions.
  3. We correctly compose routes, which allows us not only to quickly bring the party, but also to minimize the cost of delivery.
  4. Correctly fill out the accompanying documentation.
  5. We monitor the movement of cars in real time using trackers, which helps to avoid loss of goods.

If you want trucking to take place without delays or overpayments, do not trust delivery to one-day firms. Choose a carrier that has extensive experience, strictly complies with all the requirements and conditions of transportation, helps with the customs clearance of goods. Concentrate on business development, and our company will take care of all the competent organization of road transport!


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