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Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportations – are such transportations in which various types of transport are combined to move goods from the point of departure to the destination. This type of transportation is the most common, while Novorossiysk acts as a convenient transshipment point. We pick up cargo from the most remote points of Russia by cars, or on railway platforms, and here, in Novorossiysk, we load it into sea linear containers.

Multimodal transportation

Since there is no direct communication between many settlements, sometimes a multimodal mode of transportation is the only possible one. The invention of containers has greatly simplified the process of organizing transportation by various means of transport. Now you can load the container in any city, deliver it to the seaport, where it will be loaded onto the ship, excluding repacking. This allowed to reduce the cost of transportation, cargo safety is now at the maximum level, you do not need to spend time on repacking, which means that the delivery speed has also increased.

Another convenient factor for the shipper can be simplified workflow, you just have to conclude one contract for forwarding with our company, and we, in turn, will arrange communication between all the other links. You will not need to control every stage of transportation, we take care of all this.

Services we provide

Our company offers an extensive range of services for organizing multimodal transportation through Novorossiysk:

  • organization of container transportation from any country in any direction;
  • customs clearance;
  • calculation of the optimal route for cargo transportation;
  • transshipment of cargo in the customs control zone;
  • organization of supply of an empty container for loading at the factory;
  • forwarding, container escort in the port of Novorossiysk;
  • thanks to many years of work with sea lines, we offer affordable freight;
  • turnkey transportation organization
  • informing the client about the condition of the cargo along the entire route.


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