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Customs clearance

Companies involved in international trade are required to declare imported and exported goods at customs. The procedure for customs clearance and customs clearance is strictly regulated, and the slightest deviation from the procedures leads to the payment of serious fines, delayed goods at the border, and sometimes their seizure.

Customs clearance

Why customs clearance in Novorossiysk should be entrusted to us

Over the years, we have achieved first-class services at an affordable price. Thanks to the great practical experience, qualified specialists:

  • well versed in the rules of work;
  • competently fill out the documentation;
  • provide correct data to the FCS.

We take care of all and provide a full range of services:

  • we help to build cooperation with foreign enterprises;
  • we arrange customs transit;
  • we fill in all the documents related to the load.

Customs legislation is often amended. Not knowing all the intricacies and not having experience of working with the FCS, it is easy to encounter difficulties that will lead to both temporary delays and financial losses.

Do not risk money and business reputation, but seek help from professionals! With us,  the customs clearance of goods  will take place without red tape and unnecessary costs.


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