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Certification, Insurance


In case of voluntary insurance of goods by individuals:

  • maximum protection of the shipper against losses;
  • cash compensation is paid promptly;
  • insurance is simple, and its cost is a small percentage of the total value of the cargo.
Certification, Insurance

The legal entity receives all of the above benefits and additionally protects itself from reputation losses, increases customer confidence, gets rid of claims of third-party insurance organizations. A legal entity can also insure not only the goods themselves, but also all expenses associated with their transportation and temporary storage, shortfall in the expected profit and other risks.

Our company always defends the interests of its customers. Therefore, we offer to insure the cargo in order to minimize the likelihood of damage or loss of goods and financially protect the shipper. Contact us and experienced staff will select the most beneficial insurance package.



The certificate of conformity confirms that the quality of the goods produced fully meets the safety requirements. Without this document, many types of products cannot be legally produced in Russia. Our experts are perfectly aware of the laws and the amendments introduced thereto, competently fill out sets of documents, help to select samples, and analyze the state of production. With us, the declaration of conformity for the goods is signed without delay.

Our company also carries out fumigation of grain cargo and produces:

  1. Veterinary certificate protecting the territory of the Russian Federation from the importation and spread of dangerous diseases.
  2. Phytosanitary certificate certifying the condition of pickles, canned food, vegetable oils, frozen fruits, berries, vegetables.
  3. NON-GMO, confirming the absence of genetically modified organisms in food and feed.
  4. Certificate of origin indicating the country of release of goods.
Certification, Insurance

Contact us if you want to get rid of the hassle and quickly pass the certification of goods in Novorossiysk.


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