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Bulk cargo transportation

Liquid bulk products include liquid food products, soluble paints and varnishes, industrial and household chemicals, pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw materials, liquefied gases and other similar products. Their delivery is considered one of the most difficult among cargo transportation, as:

  1. Products may only be transported using special transport.
  2. The driver of the vehicle must undergo additional training and obtain a special permit for the right to transport liquid products in bulk.
  3. Tanks and transportation conditions should be selected taking into account the parameters of the cargo. The various characteristics of the product should be taken into account: its density, viscosity, volatility, flammability, pour point, corrosion resistance and others.
Bulk cargo transportation

Therefore, trusting the transportation of bulk cargo by containers should be done only by a trusted logistics company, which over the years has proved its high professionalism.

What do you get by contacting us

We always have Flexing tanks Qingdao LET Flexitank Co., Ltd. We have signed a partnership agreement with a manufacturer specializing in the design, manufacture and maintenance of refill tanks, and therefore we set a favorable price for high-quality flexitanks in Novorossiysk.

The advantages of flexitanks are:

  • simplicity of loading and unloading of products at points of departure and receipt;
  • high speed of loading and unloading;
  • elimination of the risk of product contamination during transportation;
  • the absence of intermediate congestion in transit, which reduces delivery time, reduces cargo loss during overflow.

Our company is engaged in domestic and international transportation of bulk cargo. Our own fleet of vehicles, prompt and competent service of goods allows us to choose the optimal delivery conditions. Our experts also:

  • perform customs clearance of flexitank;
  • receive all the necessary permits for the movement of goods;
  • train customer personnel to install and use in-tank tanks;
  • advise customers on various logistics issues.

If you want to not only comply with all the requirements of regulatory documents, but also to reduce the time of loading and unloading, efficiently use the working volume of containers, minimize losses of bulk cargo, save on sea freight and trucking, order our delivery using flexitanks.


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