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Bulk cargo includes cereals, legumes, compound feed, fertilizers, minerals, crushed stone, sand, coal and other bulk solids. During their storage and transshipment, many problems arise due to the following product features:

  1. Dust capacity. The absorption of dust by materials leads to their deterioration or subsequently requires expensive cleaning.
  2. Sprayability. The ability of particles to separate from the load causes a significant loss of production.
  3. Abrasiveness. Friction of individual grains on the surface of the handling equipment can lead to damage to the machines.
  4. Hygroscopicity. The ability of products to easily absorb moisture leads to caking of the substance, an increase in its mass and deterioration.

Therefore, when storing and transshipment of bulk cargo in Novorossiysk, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules that help minimize the loss of bulk materials and eliminate their damage. Use special lifting equipment, handle products with care, and prevent them from touching other goods during repacking or storage.


What do we offer for the safe handling of bulk cargo?

Our company provides comprehensive services in the field of bulk cargo handling and transportation in Russia and other countries. When repacking, we use modern special equipment, use an effective dust suppression system, and ensure strict adherence to humidity and temperature conditions. All our customers can count on:

  • high speed loading and unloading;
  • temporary storage of goods in optimal conditions;
  • fumigation of grain and other products subject to damage by insects and rodents;
  • collection of supporting documentation, including phytosanitary certificates.

Such a well-thought-out approach ensures that our logistics company transports your bulk cargo quickly, competently and at a reasonable price, avoiding loss and damage. Contact and check yourself that we do not throw words to the wind and always fulfill our obligations!


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