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Autodor will probably become the new operator of road navigation

Autodor will probably become the new operator of road navigation

The Ministry of Transport has published the development of a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, which determines the timing and procedure for placing geolocation information in the federal state information system. In addition, the document determines the size of the fee for the provision of certain information to transport organizations. This decision is posted on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

For all interested commercial organizations, there will be paid access to information about the geodata of trucks. At the same time, organizations can obtain electronic permission to carry out the transport of dangerous goods, transport heavy, oversized cargo with the formation of an electronic route. It is assumed that this service will cost the user 100 rubles.

Advantage of using

Another advantage of using this state system is that all the information from the portal can be used to create navigation maps of Russian roads, compile an electronic waybill, issue an electronic waybill, and schedule trucks to take into account the work and rest periods of drivers. In addition, it will be possible to bring the level of security of freight traffic to a higher level. Recall that in March 2019, «GLONASS» NP and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives announced the development of «the Avtodata» information and telematic system.


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