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Documents required for export

  • The first and main documents required for export processing are the contract and specification. In these documents, you must specify the following items:
    • Brief product description
    • Number of cargo spaces
    • Gross / net weight
    • packing Characteristics
    • delivery Terms
    • payment Terms
    • Responsibility of parties.
  • if the obligations under the contract are fulfilled in a foreign currency, and the contract amount exceeds USD 50,000, then a mandatory condition for processing the export Declaration will be the registration of the transaction passport.
  • An invoice is a document that must save data from the contract and contain the following information:
    • Seller, its details and legal address
    • Buyer, their details and legal address
    • data by contract number and date
    • Cost characteristics of the shipped product
    • Incoterms 2010 delivery Terms
  • Transport document (CMR or bill of Lading (TN)). This document must contain the following data
    • data about the consignee and shipper
    • Product name
    • quantity of cargo (packages)
    • delivery Terms, in accordance with the contract and invoice
  • A mandatory condition is to provide documents confirming compliance with bans and restrictions on export. The following documents may be required for various types of cargo:
    • Veterinary certificate (for cargo of animal origin)
    • Phytosanitary certificate (for cargo of plant origin)
    • Phytosanitary certificate for wooden cargo packaging (Pallets, pallets, boxes, boxes, crates or baskets, drums and similar containers made of wood are subject to certification at all customs posts of the port of Novorossiysk)
    • if the phytosanitary certificate has not been issued, it is required to provide documents confirming that the quarantined products (quarantined materials, including wooden pallets) have a marking indicating decontamination. At the request of the customs post, in the Act of filling (re-Packing) containers, you must specify the number of the decontamination Act (issued by a certified company) and attach a certified copy of it. The organization that has put the stamp must be included in the register of authorized companies contained on the website of the Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance.
      We also remind you That the act of filling must be issued in accordance with all the rules, contain the product name, DT number and the number of pallets in each container. If there was no refilling, the loading Certificate must be provided by the Factory and meet the above requirements.
    • license (for export of alcohol-containing products and military goods).
  • the Next mandatory document required for the export procedure is Packing list. This document must contain information about the consignee, shipper, net / gross weight and product name, number of packages, quantity and type of packaging. The data in the packing list must strictly correspond to the data in the invoice and specification.
  • to issue an export Declaration, you must provide payment orders to make the following payments:
    • for advance payments for customs clearance;
    • to pay for the product based on the terms of the contract.


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