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- Yes. We import flexitank with a complete installation kit. If the container which is used for transportation without damage, then the existing installation kit is enough to use flexitank. Otherwise, additional separation, reinforcement beams are set based on the state of a particular container.

- Theoretically, yes.

Practically: flexitank is not designed to be installed and not filled.  of flexitank on Russian roads in the established and unfilled form, the beams and cardboard can fall apart. As a result:

1. It will be necessary to install it at the factory again in any case.

2. Flexitank can be damaged.

3. Flexitank is deprived of the guarantee and insurance from the manufacturer, since a long trip established and not filled is not part of the installation and operation manual of flexitank.

Yes. It is necessary! It seems that there is nothing complicated in installing a flexitank and you can skip the step, but you will think defferently after the first loss of cargo due to improper installation. Installation of flex is not only gluing with cardboard and installing beams. It consists in the careful selection of the container, in the meticulous inspection and preparation of the container for installation. But unfortunately many suppliers and forwarders ignore this stage in the desire to save time.

- This service directly depends on the number of flexitanks purchased, on the location of the factory, on the amount of days of work at the factocy. This isue is always discussed individually.

- Nowadays manufacturers produce flexitanks according to any demand. But flexitanks with 24 and 25 thousand liters are more popular in the south of Russia.

- Due to the serious limitations Federal Road Agency, the maximum load is up to 22t.

- Pump, adapter-camlock type S-300, trained personnel.

- We used many flexitanks from different manufacturers. We opted for the products of the Chinese LET factory, as this is the most convenient combination of safety, quality and price. In addition, the LET factory manufactures all components of the flexitank independently from scratch and other supplies use this components to produce their own flexitanks. Which, in turn, simply assemble flexitank from the prepared components. The presence of a full production cycle allows us (by the client's request) to make changes to the products we provide and, most importantly, to be sure that these changes have been worked out at the manufacturing plant, tested and included in the guarantee list.


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